WiC & The Hill Group deliver Social Value, together!

WiC, The Hill Group (Hill) and Envoy Partnership have launched their Social Return on Investment Report of the WiC and Hill partnership project, during which, WiC Project Manager Shelley Lawrence was seconded into Hill.

Whilst we are all starting to see a recovery in UK construction output, research shows how the tight labour market across the UK is making it difficult for contractors to attract talent. It is therefore more important than ever to attract a wider range of people into the industry and this report showcases how beneficial it is to support, and provide jobs for, women in this exciting sector! It was a key aim for the project to break down barriers and open up opportunities for women in Cambridgeshire and the report explores both the impact and social return on investment achieved.

Not only has the project delivered fantastic outcomes for the women involved, it has also has shown how Hill have benefited as an organisation. Examples include saving on recruitment costs, accessing new skilled labour from the WiC cohort and improving employee engagement.

The report details all of the activities, outputs and outcomes of the project, both for the female participants and The Hill Group, we have included some key facts and figures below:

SROI analysis of the project showed that £600,000 of Social Value was generated for a range of stakeholders. This indicates that significant impact was created throughout the programme and represents outcomes such as increased earning for the women, positive impact on wellbeing and further careers plus increased taxes and reduced benefit spend.

Compared to the initial investment this represents a SROI ratio of 3.5-4:1 which means for every £1 invested, the project generated up to £4.00 of Social Value!

As with all WiC programmes and partnerships, the activity outputs are incredibly important and the infographic on the right shows some numbers which we are all really proud of:

  • 719 Hill staff members received Diversity & Inclusion Training
  •  53 women received training
  • 25 women had remote mentoring partnerships
  • Over 190 women were engaged with and 89 who registered received support
  • 28 women completed work placements
  • 22 Women gained employment or an apprenticeship in construction

We would like to thank The Hill Group for all their support with this project and we look forward to continuing to work with them as members as we Change the Face of Construction, TOGETHER!

To read the report in full, please click here, and to discuss how you could get involved with a similar project, contact Jacqui Wordsworth at jacqui.wordsworth@women-into-construction.org