• Partnering with Women Into Construction

    • First choice of our job ready, motivated and qualified women seeking employment to fill current and future skills gaps.
    • Better chances of winning public-sector contracts by proving how you comply with:
      – 2010 Equality Act
      – 2012 Social Value Act
      – Section 106 requirements
      – Considerate Contractors Scheme
      – Social Value/Employment
and skills requirements.
    • A way to demonstrate your commitment to an equal and diverse workforce – to current and potential employees, clients and shareholders.
    • The right to use our ‘Positive about Women in Construction’ logo in your company literature and tender documents.
  • Experience

    The Women into Construction team has over 150 years combined experience in the sector and over the past 10 years has successfully worked with more than 100 construction companies in the UK to support women into employment.

    Our 2018 Social Return on Investment Report showed that WiC generates up to £6 of social value for every £1 invested.

  • How does it work?

    We offer three levels of Membership which include access to all the services detailed above and more.

Women workers and contractors on construction site
  • Cost: £800 per annum per Company
  • Online use of our
    ‘Positive about Women into Construction’
  • Link on our website endorsing your support for
    WIC as a Member
  • Link from our Job Opportunities page to your website for your current job vacancies
  • 10% Discount when successfully referring new members
  • Invitation to WiC’s Annual Event
  • WiC Bi-Annual Bulletin update
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  • GOLD
  • Cost: £1,500 per annum per Company
  • All the benefits of Silver plus;
  • 10% discount on our interactive diversity training, which can be tailored to your company (remote or in person delivery)
  • Priority Access to Special Events
  • Opportunity to take part in a WiC Job Shop to promote your vacancies
  • Use of of our ‘Positive about Women into Construction’ logo on site hoardings
  • WiC Bi-Annual Bulletin update
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  • Cost: £3,500 per annum per Company
  • All the benefits of Silver and Gold plus;
  • One free Diversity Training Course per annum and 15% discount on additional courses thereafter
  • Publicity and Case Studies – creation of two relevant documents for PR and publicity use in your business
  • Access to a WiC representative to speak at one internal or external event
  • Opportunity for a current cohort of WiC women to attend a visit to one of your sites
  • WiC Bi-Annual Bulletin update
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