WiC has launched a series of virtual Job Shop events to match women with opportunities in construction.

On Tuesday 9th March, 35 women attended the launch of the WiC Job Shop, where Amy Ross, Head of Social Value from Higgins and Tariq Saeed from Kone, presented 60 upcoming apprenticeships to women working with WiC.

WiC PM Anna Walterskotter said of the launch “I couldn’t have asked for better partners to start off our new interactive WiC Job Shop events. The women got a chance to introduce themselves individually, which made it not only possible for the employers to meet the talent pool directly, but it also felt like a great networking event.”

The WiC Job Shop will run monthly and upcoming dates can be found on our events page. They are open to unemployed women actively looking for work in the regions advertised.

If you would like to know how your company can work with WiC to address the gender imbalance in construction, consider becoming a member or read more about how WiC can support your gender diversity goals.