WiC launch a Gender Diversity Matrix programme to further support construction companies to build inclusive cultures.

The Gender Diversity Matrix will be piloted through a programme in collaboration with Skanska Costain STRABAG Joint Venture, sponsored by Tideway London.

We will be working closely over the next 6 months with Skanska Costain STRABAG Joint Venture and three of their supply chain: KELLER, Littlewoods Fencing and Sunbelt Rentals UK on this pilot.

The programme will include completing our newly-designed self-assessment tool, including key modules such as strategy, leadership and inclusive culture, receiving expert EDI training and creating bespoke action plans.

WiC Director Jacqui Wordsworth comments, “We are really pleased that Skanska Costain STRABAG Joint Venture and their suppliers are taking such a proactive step by joining our pilot Gender Diversity Matrix project. Together, we have jointly developed an innovative programme that will help many more contractors assess and develop their gender diversity approach. WiC is dedicated to changing the face of construction and is committed to developing new ways to support construction contractors to create lasting change in their businesses – this pilot is another example of how we aim to do just that!”