National Inclusion Week

National Inclusion Week is a great time to look back on what WiC has achieved over the last 13 years so that we can add learnings and insight to this important conversation.

When we started to implement positive action programmes, our biggest challenge was the attitude towards women and the outdated culture of site life – to see a woman’s toilet on site was a rarity back then.

Attracting women to the industry hasn’t been the hardest hurdle; the biggest barrier we have faced is the lack of inclusive cultures that made women feel welcomed, respected and valued on sites when they got there. Site culture has changed greatly over the years with increased positive influence and action from clients and tier one contractors, more diversity and inclusion training for all stakeholders and increased female role models. However, although much progress has been made, we are still aware that the industry has work to do.

Our work attracting women to the industry is important to us. But, equally, our support to improve inclusion in the industry is too; it ensures that our work has longevity so that women will not just be attracted to this sector but will stay, progress, and become an equal part of the construction workforce.

We welcome more change. Through our Moving on Up progression programme, our gender diversity matrix, and our focused work through seconded project managers, we will continue to support employers to foster inclusive cultures. We are WiC, and we are #UnitedforInclusion.

Kath Moore MBE